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This page offers free resources. Take what you need and feel free to share your thoughts with me about the content.

I know this is something you read often, but I would really enjoy your feedback. Tell me what works, what doesn’t work, or what you would like more resources about! Rather than screaming in the void, I rather serve you with resources that are ACTUALLY helpful, so let me know if you have ideas!

Download the free e-book

Where to start? I’ve created a free e-book to shed some light on the myths and truths about fibromyalgia and how we can start healing from it. You can download it below: 


TMS self-test

This is for anyone dealing with chronic pain symptoms, to find out whether your pain could be reversible. It’s a short, 10-question test, based on general indicators that TMS practitioners use to determine whether our methods apply to your case.

THE Sleep E-Book

Before you can embark on any change or healing journey, we need to start with the basics: How is your sleep? 

If you have not had the best sleep week/ month/ decade of your life, this is the place to start. Download the Free (30p) SLEEP E-book below:

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