On this page you’ll find various e-books that are free to download.

The main reason I created these is to promote pain education to help you get back some agency of your health 

The Basics of Healing: How to Sleep

Before you can embark on any change or healing journey, we need to start with the basics: How is your sleep? 

If you have not had the best sleep week/ month/ decade of your life, this is the place to start. Download the Free (30p) SLEEP E-book below:

The Myths & Truths About Fibromyalgia 

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? Have you hit a wall in terms of treatments? I’ve created this free e-book to shed some light on the myths and truths about fibromyalgia and how we can start healing from it. You can download it below: 


More will follow, stay tuned…