Is it Possible that MY Chronic Pain is also reversible?

Chronic pain is seen as a life sentence by most, the name says it all, and if this is a diagnosis you have received I am sorry to hear it, truly! However, in the majority of cases this does not have to be for life, with the development of neuroscience we now have proof that this CAN be reversed. To know whether this applies to your case, please take the test below and find out.

Have you had pain or symptoms persistently or intermittently for longer than 6 months?

Have you tried any of the following treatments with little or only temporary relief: stretching, yoga, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic care, steroid injections, changes to diet, creams and ointments, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, surgery or a procedure for your condition?

Do your pain levels change throughout the day, or from day to day (for example, they are worse in the evening/better in the morning, OR, do you tend to have ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days)?

Does your pain or symptoms slightly diminish with exercise, to return with greater intensity after exercise OR the following day?

Do symptoms ever change location or ‘move around'?

Did your symptoms ever go away completely when you were either positively OR negatively distracted (for example, while on holiday, or during an emergency involving another family member)?

Did your current problem emerge after you recovered from another health issue (it could be another pain symptom - for example, you previously had back pain and now you have shoulder pain - or a different issue for which you had surgery or effective treatment for)?

Did you have a particularly negative emotional experience (such as a relationship conflict, loss of a loved one or another traumatic experience) OR a radical lifestyle change (change in career, marriage, birth of a child), in the year or months prior to the pain/symptom onset?

Do you identify with any of the following personality traits/emotions: perfectionist, ambitious, people-pleaser, overwhelmed, feeling dependent on others, fearful of rejection/criticism, sensitive, fearful of illness or disease?

Did you experience other tension-related or gastrointestinal problems periodically in the past (or even presently), such as: ulcers, IBS, constipation, acid reflux, tension headaches or migraine headaches, eczema, hair loss, teeth clenching, insomnia?