Stress and sickness prevention for companies

Chronic stress and pain symptoms seem to affect more and more people these days, and the trends seem to be increasing. For many companies, this means a loss of workforce, and putting more pressure on those who need to cover the workload. 

The build-up of stress in the mind and body is not only due to the way we work, but to the way we live, AND the way we breathe. Yet, what I have found through the work with my own clients is that the way we breathe can also directly impact our mental and physical state.

Breathing correctly can help us reduce stress, regulate the nervous system, sleep better, strengthen the immune system, promote cognitive function, and feel more energised.

Looking at the statistics around stress and chronic symptoms, I want to dedicate part of my work to the prevention side, and the best way to do this is by working together with companies to help counter this growing trend.

How? Through Breathwork Workshops for stress reduction


I have developed breathwork training, specifically designed for companies, to create more awareness about how we breathe, lower stress symptoms, and feel better and more energised overall.

In these workshops, I combine:


The latest findings from scientific research on breathing


Simple tests to check current breathing patterns


Various practices to improve breathing, help reduce stress levels, and promote overall health

If there are any other health factors you would like to emphasise, I’d be happy to discuss this, so I can make this training more relevant and in line with your employee wellbeing goals.

What to expect?

I won’t ask you to lie on the floor during these training sessions. You can remain comfortably seated on a chair, couch, or table. The sessions will be down-to-earth, interactive, and not very woo-woo.

This is often the assumption with breathwork, and don’t get me wrong, I ALSO believe in the woo-woo side of breathwork and how it can serve as a spiritual practice. However, that is not the scope of this training.

My training is very practical and science-based. For all the breathing techniques, I will explain exactly what it does for you, what the benefits are, and when you can apply them.

Make it part of your team building, or part of your company-wide wellbeing plan. We’ll discuss all the details in advance so that I can personalise it.

Send me a message

Wheter you want a 1-2h training or a half day workshop, I can design it to fit your schedule.

Let’s discuss it in more detail, to see how we can make it best fit your organisation’s needs.

You can either send me a message at: with all your questions, or book an information call so we can discuss it in person.

Looking forward to meeting you!