Hello There


My name is Rebecca Salama, and I am a certified TMS/ Mindbody Syndrome Coach. My approach is based on the work of Dr. John E. Sarno, who in his lifetime has helped a myriad of patients suffering from all forms of chronic pain, to live a pain-free life.

My Purpose

To help people that have been suffering from (unexplainable) chronic pain, to rise from it, and regain their joy in life. The only way to do this, is to get to the root of the problem, and heal it at the source.

When I learned about Dr. Sarno’s method, the effectiveness and simplicity of his approach, I knew I needed to help raise awareness and make it more accessible for people living with chronic pain. 

As much as I have genuine respect for the current medical system, and acknowledge the numerous lives that are saved on a daily basis due to modern medicine, I also see its limitations when it comes to dealing with chronic pain, for which, in many cases, they have simply not found an answer. 

For these cases, where they cannot find a clear structural problem, the common solution is to ‘medicate and fight the symptoms’, which doesn’t solve it, nor does it really eradicate the pain. I believe we are so much more complex than our pathology, and what you can see on a scan, and the current medical model, at times, focuses too much on the snapshots and all the loose parts, rather than seeing a person as a whole. Often, it is by zooming and taking a more holistic approach, that you will find the answer, and this is what my work is based on.

How I can help you

I offer 1-on-1 sessions, in which we first look into your case and (medical) background. Based on that, we will create a recovery plan, together, with the help of the various tools I have to offer. It’s important to know that I am not here to diagnose you or prescribe you anything. I am here to provide the knowledge to empower you to start the healing journey, and will be your guidance every step of the way.